Naughty Dog Looking To Gear Up For Multiplayer Game
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Naughty Dog Looking To Gear Up For Multiplayer Game

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Naughty Dog has built a reputation in the gaming industry for its story-driven, single-player games, most recently showcased in The Last of Us Part II. However, thanks to some job listings, it appears that Naughty Dog might be looking to take its expertise and expand into the multiplayer genre.

According to VGC, Naughty Dog has recently posted two job listings which will help the studio create a completely standalone multiplayer game. That is, multiplayer is central to the game rather than an add-on to the single-player experience. One potential theory is that the game will be the multiplayer mode for The Last of Us Part II, but expanded to its own complete game.

The two jobs are for a level/environment designer (multiplayer) and a gameplay scripter (multiplayer – temporary). The former will work on the maps for the game while the latter seems to be working on gameplay scenarios and mechanics (like AI and objects).

The scripter, unlike the environment designer, is temporary. It is unclear why there exists a difference in status, but perhaps could point to the need to completely revamp levels for multiplayer games while gameplay scenarios and assets are more easily transferable from single to multiplayer games.

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Naughty Dog Looking To Gear Up For Multiplayer Game
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