Overwatch Cross-Play Announced

PC: Blizzard

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Overwatch continues to draw players from around the world, but with the new cross-play feature, players from different platforms will finally be able to play together.

In a blog post, Blizzard announced that cross-play will coming to Overwatch soon. This feature will let players from different platforms – PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch – can all team up and play in the same matches.

In order to access this feature when it rolls out, all users will need to create a account and connect it to their console (PC players have this account by default). To celebrate its launch, anyone who logs into Overwatch by the end of 2021 will get a complementary Golden Loot Box.

It should be noted that progression will not carry over to other systems. That is, it seems if you play on PC and want to start playing on console, the progress and cosmetic items will not transfer.

Additionally, there will be some limitations to cross-play. For example, the top 500 leaderboards will be split into three: PC players, cross-play enabled console players, and cross-play disabled console players.

Cross-play will also be split in competitive play into two groups: PC players and console players. Non-competitive play will have a mix of console and PC players, but aim-assist for console players will be disabled in cross-play matches with PC players.

To note, console players will be able to disable cross-play. PC players will not.

Cross-play is expected to come out in a patch sometime during this current competitive season, with cross-play for competitive games (mainly for console players) starting in the next season.

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Overwatch Cross-Play Announced
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