What You Need To Know Before You Pre-Order iPhone X

Since yesterday, iPhone X is up for pre-order on the Apple website. It’s been a long wait, we know, and you’re bound to feel restless to get your hands on one. But before you do anything, you should take the following things into consideration #mobilemagic

One of the major concerns when you buy a new smartphone is durability, right? You know that no matter how careful you are, the screen is bound to get some scratches and probably, some ugly cracks. It’s an impending doom… and with a phone as expensive and luxurious as iPhone X, it hurts to even think of that. So, if you’re convinced you want to spend a small fortune on the almost bezel-less iPhone, think about the screen replacements you’re most likely need.

Why? Because, this time around, you might actually need the AppleCare+ warranty. Hear me out: a normal, no extended warranty screen replacement for the iPhone X now costs a whooping $279! That’s almost double the amount needed to replace an iPhone 8 screen ($169). Plus, think of other repairs, too – they can cost you up to $549.

It could be seen as outrageous, but remember – this is the priciest, most advanced smartphone Apple has launched yet. Only the screen, an OLED manufactured by Samsung, costs Apple dearly so the company was bound to make some price changes. Plus, we hear they’re struggling to meet iPhone X demand…

On the other hand, if you do decide to opt for AppleCare+ (that’s priced $199 for iPhone X), a screen repair will be only $29 and $99 for anything more.

Also, if you want to offer iPhone X as a gift, pay attention to the shipping dates. Apple says customers should expect a 4-5 week shipping time. You’ll find the phone in retail stores too, starting with November 3rd. That said, you can get in touch with various carriers too, like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint.

Last but not least, if you’re thinking of accessorizing from Apple too, check out the new Leather Folio case for iPhone X. It’s not only made from beautiful leather, but it holds bills, notes and cards inside and wakes up or sends the phone to sleep upon opening and closing. That one costs $99 and comes in four colors.

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