Neural Network Managed to Write a Better Taylor Swift Song

taylor-swift-ai-song 2

Poor TSwift wasn’t only victimized by Kanye with the infamous “Yo, Imma let you finish,” artificial intelligence is coming after her throne too. Or, depending on your perspective, allows her to get some rest and maybe invest more time in her relationships.

A team of data scientists from CableTV fed all of Taylor Swift’s lyrics into a neural network in order to create new Swift lyrics, then assembled the results into a song. Not even Google Assistant’s human conversation with a hairdresser surprised us as much as these results. The Taylor Swift AI managed to retain the feel of its human counterpart.

However, AI is not quite that poetic yet, as the Cable TV scientists admitted they tried for about 50 times to get a coherent result.


You can head here to listen to the one that actually pulled a convincing Taylor Swift impression.  Does it remind you of starry-eyed hipsters?

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