Do You Want To Buy Something From Amazon? First, Smile!


Amazon’s increasing clientele and online range of services have led to a natural question: how do we make data input simpler and safer? Well, hello, selfie!

Amazon’s new patent for identification encourages selfies, being based on biometrics. A facial-recognition algorithm will establish if it’s really you who is buying things from the platform. This way, you won’t need to awkwardly turn away from friends to type passwords, have to remember long words and special characters or use password apps to automatically input them… only to resent your life if you lose your smartphone.

The “Image Analysis for User Authenticationpatent should be more secure than other facial recognition programs because it’s not as easy to fool with a high-res photo of the user. Instead of simply asking for a portrait of yours, Amazon’s technology could require multiple selfies and even videos to understand your gestures. You might be asked to blink or smile and repeat the same motion in order to verify your identity.

Another ace in Amazon’s sleeve is thermal detection mechanisms or infrared sensors that could verify if the image presented is a 3D representation of yours or a 2D picture used by someone else in your place.

Is it less time-consuming than typing a password? Maybe not. But if you’re used to taking selfies for your Instagram or Facebook account, loging in should be a piece of cake.


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