New Biometric Tech Uses The Resonation Of Sound Determined By Ear Shapes

ear shape

When you hear about sound biometrics, voice authentication algorithms come to mind. But how about the sounds you hear and the way they take the “shape” of your ear? NEC believes a new way of proving who you (and keeping your data safe, of course) is by measuring the resonation of sounds.

The new biometric technology measures acoustic patterns determined by the shape of the human ear, which is unique for each person. To do that, they use an earphone with built-in microphone; in return, it collects the sounds as they resonate with ear cavities.

nec sollution

“Since the new technology does not require particular actions such as scanning a part of the body over an authentication device, it enables a natural way of conducting continuous authentication, even during movement and while performing work […]”

NEC guarantees a greater than 99% recognition rate for their biometric algorithm. With that statistical weapon in hands, the company plans to use their solution in 2018 as a way to prevent identity fraud and preserve confidentiality of wireless communications and phone calls.

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