New Fitness Tracker From Garmin Tells You When You're Too Tired For Exercise

New Fitness Tracker From Garmin Tells You When You’re Too Tired For Exercise

Credit: Garmin


Garmin Vivosmart 4 might look and feel the same as most of the other fitness trackers out there but the company tried to innovate the software by using all the data the tracker receives in order to get more insight on how your body is actually doing.

The rubber strap comes in colors like berry, powder grey, and azure blue with gold and silver bezels. But don’t worry, anyone who looks at it will not think it’s anything else but a fitness tracker.

Now, leaving aside the fancy rubber straps, the software features are what we’re more interested in – the tracker features an optical heart rate and pulse oximetry sensor under the hood of a device that looks even slimmer than the Vivosmart 3. The tracker has a Body Battery that uses the data it gathered concerning your stress levels, quality of sleep, heart rate and your overall physical activity, in order to estimate your energy levels throughout the day.

The maximum score is 100, which means you’re ready to go and exercise vigorously, but if it drops to zero, it means it’s best you don’t push yourself and actually go get some sleep. Obviously it’s not an exact measurement that should be respected religiously, but if you’re very tired one day and don’t feel like working out, you might feel less guilty if your tracker tells you it’s a better idea to just be a couch potato for the evening.

The device can also monitor pulse oximetry, which is the amount of oxygen in your blood, so you can use it while you sleep as well. This will help detect issues like sleep apnea. By using heart rate and motion data, it can monitor your sleep throughout the night and the data can be then reviewed via the Garmin app.

The Vivosmart 4 sells for $129 and you can grab it either from the official website as well as from other online or in-store retailers.

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