New Game In Acclaimed Bioshock Series Announced

New Game In Acclaimed Bioshock Series Announced

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The long-standing rumors are confirmed: the legendary game series Bioshock is coming back with a new game set for the next-generation consoles.

2K Games, the publisher of the series, announced the setup of a new game development studio called Cloud Chamber. 

Among the new developer team are Bioshock veterans like Scott Sinclair and Jonathan Pelling but the original creator, Ken Levine, won’t be joining them.

The first two Bioshock games featured the unforgettable underwater city of Rapture, a technological utopia of the 60s which went sideways thanks to genetic engineering.

The third one, meanwhile, took to the skies with Columbia, a floating utopian city where American exceptionalism once again tilts the landscape into a dystopian one.

What about the new Bioshock? 

Details are scant as of now but Kelley Gilmore, the head of the new studio, says that there are plenty of “creative directions to explore”.

That sounds great for fans of retro futuristic concepts and thoughtful games!

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