New Google Tool Lets Employees Select Their Work Place
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New Google Tool Lets Employees Select Their Work Place

Google is not just allowing remote work but the company is taking real steps towards ensuring employees get to decide where they feel more comfortable to work from. How? By releasing a new tool that makes taking that decision easier than ever and, at the same time, gives employees crucial information about the industry.

This week, a new Google tool called appropriately the Work Location Tool showed the company’s commitment to employees’ welfare.

This announcement comes in just one month after its CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced 20% of their staff will continue working remotely, other 20% will work from a different Google office than before and the remaining 60% of their employees will have freedom of choice. Those will get to work from the office campus a few days a week and then switch to #workfromhome.

Besides allowing employees to opt for their preferred workplace, the Work Location Tool does one more thing. It enables users to see how their salary would be affected if they were to choose a different job market. A less competitive job market in a smaller town could, for example, bring about a salary decrease.

The tool couldn’t have come at a better time. One year after the pandemic, 71% of adults in the US are working from home and 54% of them want to keep at it after the coronavirus outbreak ends.

It seems that the change has brought many benefits. About half (49%) say they now have more flexibility to choose when they put in their hours. In addition, 38% of new teleworkers say it’s easier now to balance work with family responsibilities, even if 65% of workers who are now teleworking but rarely or never did before say they feel less connected to their coworkers now, according to Pew Research Center.

The new hybrid work model is here to stay and flourish. After all, Google’s openness to #workfromhome can be witnessed in Facebook and Spotify‘s ranks already, among other companies.

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New Google Tool Lets Employees Select Their Work Place
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