New Leica Camera Comes With A Silent Shutter And A Touchscreen

Credit: Leica

Leica has unveiled the M10-P rangefinder, which is an update to the M10 that came out in 2017, with a few changes that make it even more proficient than its predecessor.

Probably the most audible change is the mechanical shutter, which marks it as Leica’s quietest so far. It’s not completely silent but unless you find yourself sitting in very close proximity to the person you photograph, they will most likely not hear a single sound.

Now for a visual change – a rear touchscreen. When in live view mode you can select a region to zoom in on or double tap for a ‘pop-in’ zoom. The camera doesn’t have autofocus so that’s pretty important.

Obviously you get all the usual stuff one does on a touch screen – pinch to zoom, double tap and swipe to go through your photos but there’s also a spirit level present, which will help the user check that the horizon line is straight.

The camera has a solid brass and magnesium build and Leica got rid of the red dot that usually decorated the front of the camera but it did add a beautiful script engraving at the top instead.

Aside from the features above, all the others are standard to the M10: 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor, a Leica Maestro II image processor, ISO 100-50000, 5fps continuous shooting, a 0.73x-magnification viewfinder, a 3-inch 1.04M-dot LCD with Gorilla Glass, Wi-Fi, a built-in ISO dial and a frame line selector The camera does not shoot video at all though.

All nice and well, until we get near the price tag: $7,995. That is without a lens and Leica lenses are already notoriously expensive. The camera is currently on sale so, I don’t know, if your wallet feels too heavy, go for it.

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