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A New Samsung Galaxy View 2 Might Be In The Works

Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy View had been announced three years ago – a tablet that was basically a full operating system monitor you could carry around, which was an interesting thing that generated a lot of interest since it was the only device like it available at the time.

According to a source cited by Android Police though, a slightly smaller 17-inch Galaxy View 2 is now in development.

It is supposed to be more compact than its predecessor and to charge via USB-C. The previous Galaxy View charged with a laptop-styled AC power adapter, which didn’t make it very practical as a device you were supposed to have with you on the go.

The tablet would use a book-style hinge for a stand instead of the handle of the previous Galaxy View, which was notorious for bending out of shape.

According to the unnamed source, the tablet will feature the same Exynos processor and have a FHD (1,920 x 1,080), 17.5-inch touchscreen like the original product but will not come with a stylus and does not seem to support Samsung’s DeX mode.

It will hold 3GB of memory and run on Android Oreo, with a Samsung skin.

Other than that, there’s no other details available, neither when it will be released. If Samsung stays true to its history of launching new models, we might expect some news about it in October.

As always, take any rumor and leak with the obligatory grain of salt.

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