New Report States Apple Might Launch More Compact Phones in 2020


As someone with small hands and even smaller pockets, I’ve often found myself complaining about how large the displays of the more recent phones are. Gone are the days when you could comfortably fit a phone in your jacket’s pocket but at least now they’re not so easily lost in overfilled handbags (looking at you, always-prepared ladies) or backpacks, right?

For those of us who sigh about the bygone days of smartphones you could actually fit in your hand, there might be a silver lining out there, in the shape of Apple – according to a report from DigiTimes, Apple’s listened to the users and might just be planning to release a 5.4 inch phone next year.

The report mentions that the company will most likely have three sizes in mind: 5.42 inch, 6.06 inch and 6.67 inch displays, which would be supplied by either Samsung or LG. Of course, this means that Apple will go small on one side by reducing the size of its smallest model and go big on the other, by increasing the size of its largest one.

The phone will probably be using Samsung’s Y-Octa or LG’s TOE touch technology, both of which promise to cut down on the display cost.

Y-Octa’s technology, for example, removes the film substrate and allows the touch circuit to be patterned directly ‘ on the film’s encapsulation layer’, which makes the display even thinner.

If Apple is actually going to go along with this, that remains to be seen but I know a lot of people (and not only Apple users) who would really love to be able to hold their phone comfortably and securely, in just one hand.

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