Nexar Dashcam App Connects Vehicles To Avoid Chain-Reaction Crashes

What’s the worst way to begin your day? Spilling coffee on your shirt? Finding out about a morning meeting last-minute? No. Being involved in a car crash, even a small one, is the sure way to ruin anyone’s day. Israeli startup Nexar is one of the companies who knows this and has worked on making your morning commute safer with an AI dashcam app that connects cars and drivers #automagic

Nexar’s dashcam app now offers drivers a free, automated warning system. Released this spring, the dashcam app spent the last months collecting data regarding crash conditions. Now,  Nexar believes its app is capable of warning drivers about a crash before it takes place. By using the driver’s phone camera, gyro and accelerometer, it detects his position, driving habits and how many cars are nearby. This data is then fed to a machine learning system which can only become better at spotting traffic problems in time.

nexar dashcam app

But that’s not all. Its collision warning system is receiving a new feature this month – the ability to connect drivers and cars. From now on, the data collected from the app will not only go to Nexar’s data center, but to drivers, too, so they can assert another driver’s intention on the road. If one of them plans to stop abruptly, the others will form a line behind him or make a detour in time, instead of creating a chain-reaction crash.

The only thing they’re asking in return for this service is to make your data available to other automakers. In this way, they could also work on life-saving technologies.

What do you think- is it a right price to pay?

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Nexar Dashcam App Connects Vehicles To Avoid Chain-Reaction Crashes
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