Google PhotoScan Translates Analog Images In Digital (Almost) Flawlessly

Google PhotoScan

Memories shouldn’t gather dust. Not if you can help it. That’s why photo scanners can digitize your old photos, bringing them in the modern age. If you need one on occasion and you’re tired of borrowing other people’s scanner, a scanning app is clearly more useful. There are plenty of apps out there, with a recent one from Google catching out attention. PhotoScan mixes manual shooting with computational imaging #fotomagic

Google PhotoScan is a standalone app for iOS and Android that works in tandem with Google Photos. PhotoScan begins predictably – you capture the photo with your phone camera. You’ll probably notice a reflection, some glare or shadows. To fix it, you have to do one more thing: trace with your phone the outline of the photo, following the circles that appear automatically over each corner of the image. If you achieve that, the software does the rest.

Here’s the tricky part – some of your photos may not have very defined corners or the contrast between image and background (where you put it to take the picture) can be less than sharp. The app will have trouble finding the frame of the picture, making you repeat the process several times. Don’t despair – switch backgrounds or try to frame the image.

If all goes flawlessly, then you’ll watch how the software removes any digital deterioration by selecting and overlapping the pictures taken. Immediately after, it will include it in your Google Photos library, where you can edit it further or simply organize it by subject. 

Google PhotoScan is free to download from Apple or Google Store.

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