Next Samsung QLED TVs Will Adapt to Your Room’s Lighting

credits: Samsung

CES 2021 may take place just digitally and the world may still be under the COVID-19 threat, but for consumer electronics companies, business goes on as usual. Samsung, for example, is planning to deliver a new set of QLED TVs that can adapt to ambient lighting.

For its next range of QLED TVs, Samsung plans to add a feature that takes advantage of the TV’s light sensor to react to the light in the room and adapt its image accordingly.

It will be called HDR10+ Adaptive and will work with Filmmaker Mode, a setting announced last year that wants to offer viewers a visual experience as close to what the director intended as possible. This means effects such as motion smoothing are removed from the end result.

The HDR10+ Adaptive has a counterpart in real life, the Dolby Vision IQ, but this standard will only be available to Samsung TVs and Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

The new feature as well as the 2021 range of QLED TVs will probably debut on January 11th, the first day of CES 2021. We’ll know more then, including the possibility of bringing this update to Samsung TVs already on the market.

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Next Samsung QLED TVs Will Adapt to Your Room’s Lighting

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