simplisafe social distancing sweater alarm

This SimpliSafe Social Distancing Sweater Sounds An Alarm When People Get Too Close

You might add this one to your wishlist, even though Christmas just passed!

This SimpliSafe Social Distancing sweater sounds an alarm when people get too close to you, which is a very convenient way to ensure people can get together in a safe manner.

As the video puts it, you can “remind your family that you’re happy to see them, but happier 6 feet apart”. Instead of starting an uncomfortable conversation or even argument, the sweater will start a LED lights show and sound a siren.

Convenient? Yep.

Effective? Undoubtedly.

Fashionable? Not really, though we do hold ugly Christmas sweaters close to our hearts.

Unfortunately, SimpliSafe is a home security company, so this project is more of a prototype, and all of the models were sold out already.

Still, the company is asking for help raising money for NeighborWorks America’s Rental Resilience Fund, which helps people economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even more, they’re giving a 40% discount on their security setups if you use the SWEATER40 code. 


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This SimpliSafe Social Distancing Sweater Sounds An Alarm When People Get Too Close
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