Niantic Announces That The Pokémon Go Trainer Battles Are Finally Going Live


Niantic has started to roll out Trainer Battles  for Pokémon Go just yesterday for all level 40 players. The roll out soon became available for players as low as level 10, which is the minimum level required in order to be able to access the mode. During the initial announcement, the company explained that this level demand was necessary in order to keep everything well-balanced.

Real-time battles in the game is what the players have been expecting ever since it first launched back in 2016 and, while at that time the game had reached its peak, user interest has somewhat diminished and what better way to keep the players interested than to release a real time battle arena scenario?

While fighting most users can only be done in person, those who are on your Ultra or Best Friends list can be challenged regardless of where they are. You’ll also have the option to practice or challenge AI team leaders as well.

But battling against your human counterparts is what will get you the Sinnoh Stone, which allows you to evolve your creatures to their final forms.

The Stardust and candies will unlock Charge attacks for Dragonite, Tyranitar and others, so you better stock up on them – one Charge attack can cost as much as 75,000 Stardust and 75 candies.

So, what are you waiting for? Go have some fun!

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