Nintendo Indie World Showcase Announces Over 20 Games Coming in 2020

Indie games are a huge part of the Nintendo Switch’s library, with some of the games driving console sales and the console itself pushing sales of indie games. The Switch has become such an indie machine that Nintendo has started to focus on them during a Nintendo Indie World Showcase – a direct focused solely on indie games. Earlier today, in said Nintendo Indie World Showcase, the company showed off several of the indie games coming to the console mostly in the first half of 2020.

The highlight of the show came at the end: Exit the Gungeon. Using the same mechanics as its presumed predecessor Enter the Gungeon, players will battle through a bulletfire in order to escape, rather than enter, the gungeon. The trailer gave it a boss-rush sort of feel, rather than exploration or dungeon crawling. But it still retained the action-packed feeling of the first game is known for. Additionally, it is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Another highlight came in the middle from Hello Games. The studio is known for No Man’s Sky, an expansive game where players explore an almost unending universe. In the showcase, Hello Games presented their latest project: The Last Campfire. Set for release in Summer 2020, The Last Campfire seems to focus more on empathy and character development to highlight an emotional story of finding one’s way home. Gameplay showcased looked similar to the puzzle dungeons typical in Zelda, but without the combat. Instead, the main character tries to find hope through their dungeon exploring.  

All other games shown during the showcase are listed below:

  • Blue Fire, Graffiti Games – Summer 2020
  • Baldo, Naps Team – Summer 2020
  • I am Dead, Annapurina Interactive – 2020
  • Bark, Tic Toc Games – Late 2020
  • Cyanide & Happiness – Freakpocalypse, Serenity Forge – Summer 2020
  • Summer in Mara, Chibig – Spring 2020
  • Quantum League, Nimble Giant Entertainment – Late 2020
  • The Good Life, White Owls Inc. – 2020
  • PixelJunk Eden 2, Q. Games Ltd. – Summer 2020
  • Faeria, Abrakam SA – March 2020
  • Eldest Souls, Fallen Flag Studio – Summer 2020
  • Blair Witch, Bloober Team NA – Summer 2020
  • Ghost of a Tale, Plug in Digital – Spring 2020
  • Sky, thatgamecompany, Inc. – Summer 2020
  • Sky Racket, Double Dash Studios – Today
  • Superliminal, Pillow Castle – Summer 2020
  • Wingspan, Monster Couch – Spring 2020
  • Dicey Dungeons, Distractionware Limited – 2020
  • Bounty Battle, Merge Games Limited – Summer 2020
  • Moving Out, Team 17 – April 28, 2020

Now, we wait for the Nintendo Direct!

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