Nintendo Labo Turns Switch Into A Robot Or A Car

nintendo labo

Nintendo is beating itself at its own game. After releasing the highly successful Nintendo Switch, the company is now announcing something even better: Labo, a kit that uses the Switch as the building block for new gaming experiences #softwaremagic

Remember Google Cardboard? As soon as you’ll unbox one of the two Nintendo Labo kits, you’ll inevitably reminisce the DIY VR headset craze. The Variety and Robot kits contain several cardboard pieces with folding instructions to create new toys. They’re actually called Toy-Cons (from Joy-Con, got it? ;)) The Joy-Cons and display from the Switch are essential in the making of every new creations.

Now, the Variety kit ($70) helps you create a bunch of different toys: from fishing rod, house, motorbike or piano to RC cars. With the fishing rod, you can catch digital fish on your display, while a cute creature welcomes you once you put together the house. If you’d rather build cars, simply insert the two Joy-Cons and control the direction from the touchscreen.

Our personal favorite is the motorbike toy; here the Joy-Cons serve as handlebars that can be turned to control the bike. Alternatively, you can lean your body to the right or left (… and feel cooler doing it). Finally, you can try your hand at a cardboard piano. By pressing different keys, you get to hear various tunes and even experiment with them by adding knobs.

The Robot Kit ($80) comes with all the necessary tools to create a crazy bot suit.  Once you have the visor, backpack and hands and feet straps on, you can control a giant in-game robot. Maybe you won’t feel transported to Pacific Rim to pilot a Jaeger, but you’ll still find it oddly exhilarating.

Both kits will be available starting April 20, as well as a “Customization Set”, if you’re really into DIY.

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