Nissan Leaf E-Plus Might Get Its Long-Awaited Unveiling At CES 2019


The Nissan Leaf EV was expected to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show that took place earlier this month but it got once again delayed thanks to the news that surrounded the arrest of the company’s boss, Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan chose to wait it out for a while longer so that the product will get a proper coverage and not be tainted with the news and allegations that followed the arrest. Now that the issue has somewhat died down, a rumor from Electrive poked its head and announced that the Nissan Leaf might see the light of day during the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show that will take place in Las Vegas in January.

According to Electrive, the new model will come with an increase in price of roughly 5,800 Euros ($6,600). The base price of a Leaf is already $30,875 so with the added extra, the car might end up costing $37,475. While prices can vary depending on the region the car is sold, it’s doubtful it will go much lower.

As far as other possible upgrades, we can expect a 60-kWh battery which will hopefully fix the issue the customers had with the 40-kWh one present in the current version, which charged slowly and used fast chargers during long trips.

It remains to be seen if Nissan will finally be introducing the new Leaf during the CES or if the model will have to wait for a while longer.

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