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No Doozing Off at The Wheel with This Apple Watch App

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Before we can all gather in the back seats and let our autonomous cars handle the road, we’ll still have to catch the steering wheel and stay awake hours at a time to reach far, vacation destinations. For those long journeys, an Apple watch app might keep us awake (and safe) better than a Venti cup of coffee.

PeopleNet app was developed with one single purpose in mind – to keep drivers focused on the road during long trips. Instead of alerting the driver through distracting phone alerts, this app just taps the driver’s wrist. It’s much more subtle, indeed, but could work like a morning wake nudge. Besides, the app can alert the driver when he exceeds the legal speed limit or every time a turn is coming up.

As Randy Boyles, Sr. VP of Mobile Strategy at PeopleNet, explains,

“If I’m using a phone, I have a tendency to want to look at that phone and see how much farther down the road I’m turning. With the watch, it’s just going to tap me to say, ‘Here’s the turn.’”

Other safety parametres are taking into consideration too, such as pulse rate and time of shift, if driving is part of the user’s work tasks. These are meant to exert caution in the case of an exhausted or overly-anxious driver.


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