No Man’s Sky Plans To Bring The Universe Closer To The Users Via VR

Hello Games

It took No Man’s Sky just two years to become one of the most played and well-known games of the recent times – the game allows the users to travel to an ever-expanding universe, filled to the brim with new, unique planets that each have their own eco-systems and creatures.

Soon enough, the players will be able to travel the uncharted digital space on a whole new level – Hello Games, the studio in charge of No Man’s Sky wants to bring the game into virtual reality.

The studio will be rolling out the VR experience to every headset currently available on the market but don’t think for a second that this new feature will keep players apart – on the contrary. The VR players will be able to keep playing alongside their non-VR friends and will receive the same updates as everyone else.

A new update to the game, called No Man’s Sky Beyond will be arriving this summer in three phases. For now, Hello Games has only revealed that some of the big changes -except for the VR upgrade- will be new social and multiplayer features.

As far as what the third phase is, well, the fans will have to wait and see just what the studio has in mind – but we bet that, whatever it is, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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