Nokia 9 Might Come Around Sooner Than We Thought

Nokia 9 Might Come Around Sooner Than We Thought

Credit: Ben Geskin

Some information concerning Nokia 9’s storage options has come forth from Samsung’s buyback program in no other place than Latvia.

If you go on Samsung’s Latvian website, you have the option to trade in the yet not present Nokia 9 phone, for which you can get up to €292 off your Galaxy phone, apparently.

Credit: GSM Arena

According to the Latvian list, the phone is a dual SIM model that has 128GB of storage but there is also a 64GB version and single SIM is available for both storage options.

Now, this might just prove to be a typo from Samsung or simply an educated guess, but truth is it does not align very well with the crazy five camera setup we have seen in a recent, alleged Nokia 9 leak.

Companies like Samsung do know what their rivals have in store ahead of time though, so we can’t say they don’t know what they’re doing, but all in all it does confirm that Nokia’s flagship phone is definitely on its way.

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