Apple New iPhone X Event: Here Is What Happened in Real Time

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As always, the hype is reaching unbelievable levels, as Apple is getting ready to start its fall event. Just like every year, Apple’s keynote can only be watched on its website through Apple devices or, if you like jumping through hoops, by following its Twitter account that almost never posts anything. Not to worry though, we’ll be watching the Apple event and updating you in real time.
The whole world is expecting to see three new iPhoneXs models, as the rumor mill has been churning for quite some time. We’re also going to probably see the newest update to the Apple Watch, which allegedly brings a larger screen and a more generous resolution, as well as a comprehensive overview of the iOS 12 features, which are currently in beta.

Stay tuned, we’re bringing the updates in real-time and will let you know everything about the newest iPhoneX phones and Apple in general straight, from Apple’s September 12 much-awaited event.

Hey Siri, what’s the fastest way to Steve Jobs Theatre?

Aand we’re live and updating from the Apple September Keynote, ready to bring you the scoop. The stream debuted to an action-filled trailer where one girl asks Siri for direction to this event, then runs fast to catch the latest Apple news. Sounds familiar? It should, since that’s what the whole world has been doing.

We see her wearing the updated Apple Watch, opening a door with it, and then delivering a briefcase to Tim Cook. In the briefcase is the clicker, which Tim Cook grabs and enters the stage on the Steve Jobs theatre. It’s a slick transition and that’s expected from Apple. Let’s see what he has to say about the new iPhone Xs models, since we all are tuning in for that.

The Apple Watch and iOS 12

Tim Cook spent a long time talking about how iOS is such a personal experience for a lot of people and a way to share what you love with your loved ones. Just how many people use it? iOS is now on 2 billion devices.

And now, Apple’s CEO transitions to the Apple Watch, which is, in his words “the number 1 watch. period,” and an indispensable part of people’s lives. Do you agree that it’s the number 1 watch in the world, as Tim Cook claims? Seeing how it literally saved two lives, we couldn’t be more excited about the newest Apple Watch.apple_watch_series_4_xlarge

Yes, the rumors are confirmed! It’s 30% bigger in screen size than the previous Apple Watch, it has curved edges and it brings 8 complications, so you can watch your notifications in a simpler way. Whether you prefer social media updates or an advanced fitness tracker, Apple got you covered.

The Breathe app is now even better, with the Breathe app available as three variations of the watch face. However, the true star is definitely the fire face. Now that’s definitely lite!

One of the most common injury causes is a slip or a fall. Now, Apple Watch can actually detect that motion, since the new hardware can now sample motion data 8 times faster. How does that help? Apparently there’s a repeatable pattern to slipping or tripping, so Apple Watch can realize how your limbs move and actually send a message with your location to your emergency contact or even dial 911.

Three new health features for Apple Watch

Apple Watch notifies if your heart rate is too low, which can indicate a serious heart issue. It can also screen your heart rate and detect atrial fibrillation, an issue that can go undetected for a long time. And now comes the best part.

apple electrical heart sensor

The Apple Watch now lets you take an electrocardiogram, known as an ECG. This is a world’s first not just for smartwatches, but for devices sold over the counter as well. It’s also got FDA approval, another premiere for a smartwatch., All you need to do is to touch the crown and the digital electrodes will detect your heart rhytm in just 3 seconds,  telling you if you have atrial fibrillation or a sinus rhythm. All that information pertaining to your health state is stored in a PDF document, so you can always send your doctor the latest readings.

It’s quite an amazing smartwatch for the elderly, don’t you think? Even the president for the American Heart Association thinks so, who applauded Apple’s innovation and “commitment to health.” As he points out, people can report symptoms and, when they go to the doctors, those symptoms are no longer present, which makes it difficult for an accurate diagnosis or prognosis.

apple watch ecg fda

Apple Watch Series 4 specs and price

Apple made a point to say that all the data captured is encrypted and stored locally on the device, so you get to choose who knows what about you.

The new AppleWatch Series 4 for 2018 brings an incredibly generous, almost edge-to-edge display, with a body that’s noticeably thinner. It’s 2 times faster than the previous model, brings a larger screen, a sleeker body and a world premiere for health. What’s not to love? After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Apple Watch Series for starts at $399 or $499 for the cellular option but the great news comes for the older model: the Watch Series 3 gets a price cut to $279. But if you are convinced about upgrading, there’s no need to worry about your old bands. The AppleWatch Series 4 will be compatible with the bands from previous models.

Finally! New iPhoneXs models

Tim Cook spent a long time talking about the revolutionary iPhoneX and its FaceID (not to mention the notch that launched a thousand copycats), which registered an impressive 98% customer satisfaction. We’re now waiting anxiously for the new iPhoneX models.

The most advanced iPhone ever created:

The iPhone Xs and and the iPhone Xs Max

Yes, the rumors are true. There are two new iPhone X models, one 5.8 inch model and, the star, the 6.5 inch iPhoneXs Max, the biggest display ever from Apple. That’s not all!

The iPhone Xs Max also offers an hour and a half more battery than the iPhone X which, as an iPhone owner, is definitely much needed. The fact that also brings a dual SIM capability, just like the iPads, called DSDS (Dual Sim Dual Standby) and powered by eSim technology, can only make frequent travelers very happy.
What’s worth noting is that in China, the new  iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max will have traditional dual SIM, with two actual SIM cards in the tray.

new iphone x s and iphone x max display

We’re moving on to the FaceID upgrade, which, once again, Apple says is the most secure authentication ever on an iPhone. Let’s just hope researchers don’t bypass it as fast as last year.

The next-gen A12 Bionic chipset

Apple also unveiled the A12 Bionic chipset, which comes with a whopping 6.9 billion transistors which promises a 50% increase in performance as compared to the A11 chipset. Machine learning is also mentioned, since we’re all so passionate about AI nowadays. However, these next numbers are truly astounding.

apple a12 bionic
The A11 chipset handled 600,000 neural engine operations per second. The A12 Bionic Chipset can do 5 trillion operation in the same blink of an eye. Now that’s smart! Not to mention that CoreML is 9 times faster and uses one tenth of the energy as before. Get ready for a lot of AR apps, since developers got a great gift with A12 bionic, the Core ML and the ARKit 2. Some of them took to the stage and introduced an iPhone Xs AR game coming this fall that looks pretty impressive.

arkit iphone x ar


For those unconvinced by AR, what really shines is the fact that it can now handle up to 512 GB of storage.

Yes. New iPhone Xs models will let you store up to 512 GB of personal files.

Now let’s get to gaming, since iOS games do demand quite a lot of storage and processing power.

Not really Skyrim, but Elder Scrolls on iPhone Xs

Todd Howard, game director of legendary Bethesda Studios, took to the stage and revealed Blades, a new Elder Scrolls game for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

apple iphone x blades elder scrolls game 3
It’s an actual RPG where you build your own elite warrior and approach the game as you want: defense, melee or magic. We’d go for magic, since the lighting is insanely detailed.

Thanks to the new, wider stereo on the iPhoneXs and iPhone Xs Max, you can also skip the headphones. Let’s just say PC gaming just took an arrow to the knee.

Fortunately, Bethesda’s rep also skipped all the talk about the DLC and just said that Blades on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max is coming this fall and is already available for preorder.

New iPhone Xs camera

The iPhone X camera is so good, The Times used it on its cover! Now let’s see what the iPhone Xs cameras offer. On the back you’ll find a dual setup with 12 MP wide-angle lens with f/1.8 aperture and a 12MP telephoto camera (f/24 aperture), with improved True Tone flash to boot. Check out this actual iPhone Xs photo sample:

iphone x s camera samples
Powered by the A12 Bionic, with a smarter neural engine and advanced HDR, it will take your photography to the next level.

But let’s get real. We all love iPhones for the selfie shooter and the one on the iPhone Xs seems darn right adorable. Feast your eyes on the specs:

iphone x s selfie camera

Apple obviously spent a lot of time highlighting the work done on upgrading iPhone X and creating the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, especially by focusing on new, more eco-friendly materials (10,000 tons of tin saved yearly and a new type of plastic), and relying on Daisy, the robot that takes apart the old iPhones recovered through Apple GiveBack.

However, not everyone has time to watch a two hour event. If  iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max specs is what you’re after, here they are, in one place.

What do you say, are they what you expected?

iphone x s iphone x max specifications


But wait.


Waiiit for it…

A brand new iPhone model:  the iPhone Xr

The short of it? iPhone Xr brings a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD display and plenty of color, at a more afforable price! Of course, that comes with a bit of sacrifice. While the OLED is out, it’s replaced by an LCD that Apple says is the “most advanced” in the industry.

The iPhone Xr also gives up the 3D touch for Haptic touch, which lets you simply press the screen, swipe and open the camera, just like on a Mac. What’s still here is Apple Pay and FaceID, which makes sense, since Apple did spend a lot of time touting this authentication method.
Don’t worry, under the hood it still has the A12 Bionic and wide stereo, so you’re getting all those AR apps and improvements to the camera. We say “camera” not cameras since it only brings a 12 MP rear camera, just like the one from the iPhone X S, with f/1.8 aperture, a 6-element lens and the Advanced Bokeh effect that’s so mesmerising.

On the video front, it can shoot 1080p videos with 60 fps and also features some stabilization, so that’s pretty nifty as well. Unlike its more expensive brethren, the iPhone Xs  and iPhone Xs Max, it has IP67 water and dust resistance, not IP68, but we’ll forgive it. After all, the six new finishes for the aluminum frame do look amazing and provide some much needed customization.

The iPhone Xr will be available in 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB and will start at $749. You asked for a cheaper iPhone X and it’s indeed here. Preorders will open on October 19th and it will ship a week later, on October 26th. If you want to splurge, iPhone Xs will be available in 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB options from $999. For the supersizers, the iPhone Xs Max will start at $1099, which is a surprisingly small price jump, since it does feature the bigger screen and battery.

Apple Event wrap-up

The company seems to have focused all its energy on the Apple Watch Series 4 and the much-awaited new iPhone X s models. The names are not really easy to pronounce but they are quite easy on the eyes. What’s surprising is the fact that Apple spent so little time focusing on its other devices.

apple iphone xs iphone xr iphone xs max

Tim Cook said that Apple TV now has 100 video partners (Netflix, beware!) and that the Mojave MacOS update will be here September 24th. He then invited the attendants to test the new iPhones and Apple Watch, then signed off.

That’s our plan as well, since we reported on everything there is to report from Apple’s September 12 keynote. One more thing remains – for you to tell us how you feel about this event and the new Apple line-up.

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