Tired? Sit Anywhere With The Wearable Chairless Chair

Tired? Sit Anywhere With This Wearable Chairless Chair

Grab a chair, this is should be good! Or don’t, as Swiss robotics startup Noonee has made a “Wearable Ergonomic Mechatronic Device” called the Chairless Chair that just as good, if not better, than a regular chair! #objectmagic

Designed to help workers who move around all day and never have a fixed desk, the Chairless Chair is an exoskeleton that seamlessly transitions into a chair. You attach it to your body, securing it at the waist, thighs, and ankles. It walks with you when you move, but when you want to sit, you simply bend your knees as if you were sitting down. Then you lock it in place and you have yourself a fully functional, portable chair.

The back support of chair system is firm plastic that sits on your shoulder blades, while the seat is made out of more flexible polyester. The entire Chairless Chair has 7.49 lbs but its benefits far outweigh the burden.

“During the development process, Noonee worked closely with the employees from Audi, Seat, Skoda, Daimler, BMW and Renault among others, to tailor the Chairless Chair® to the needs of the end-users and the dynamic environment of production lines,” said Noonee.

Beyond getting comfort in crowded spaces where there’s no room for extra chairs, you will also be ready to sit back and relax at a moment’s notice! Comfort and convenience, the Chairless Chair surely reminds us of the benefits of Nissan’s self-parking chair!

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