Ridiculous “Sillicon Valley” App Launches For Android

sillicon valley app not hotdog

If you’ve been watching Sillicon Valley, you must have noticed how hard it is to come with an app idea that makes sense and moreover, fills a gap in the market. Most of the guys’ ideas are plain wrong (Nip Alert) or simply ridiculous. Thanks to some HBO dudes with a sense of humor though, one particularly useless app launched for Android #mobilemagic

The HBO crew from Sillicon Valley released Not Hotdog for Android. You know, the app that can identify if a hotdog is a hotdog… or not. Many iOS users got to test it earlier, in May, and now those of you who have a phone running on Android can do it, too.

The app was developed in-house by a single developer. “To achieve this, we designed a bespoke neural architecture that runs directly on your phone, and trained it with Tensorflow, Keras & Nvidia GPUs”, explains Tim Anglade, from the TV show, on Medium.

All the AI work runs on the user’s device, never reaching the cloud. As you can assume, this means more data protection and the advantage of using the app when you’re offline, too.

Granted, the app initially created for Sillicon Valley is good for laughs and not much more, but the work behind it proves what you can do with deep learning and edge computing, without having many resources at your disposal.

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