Now You Can Upload Photos To Instagram Without Downloading the App

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The broader the audience, the better. Instagram knows this principle by heart, so it’s no wonder that the company decided to cut its users some slack and allow them to upload photos without downloading the app first #mobilemagic

Until now, the only way people could upload photos on Instagram was if they downloaded the app before. But not everyone had access to it, due to the phone model owned or poor Internet speed. Therefore, the company needed to do something to reach more people and potential users. The solution was easy – it just needed to tweak their website.

Before today, if users accessed Instagram from their browser, they would have been able to see their notifications and feed, nothing else. Now, anyone who visits the website can upload a photo from their camera roll. Editing is still limited, though; there are no filters, for example, just rotation and switch between crops (square or wide). You also can’t upload videos, create Stories or send direct messages. The app has to retain its appeal, as you can imagine. By the way, there’s also a smaller version of the Explore feature (no suggestions to follow people accounts or previews of videos, though).

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Even so, this is a step forward for a company that has did its best to remain true to their initial mission – provide a place to share personal, instant moments. Although there are ways to upload DLSR-take pictures on the platform and repost pictures from other accounts, Instagram hasn’t brought the upload feature to its desktop version, though. This makes the process a bit harder and forces all users to use their mobile when using Instagram.

Before enabling this feature, Instagram allowed Android users to use Instagram in offline mode. This meant queuing up photos, commenting and liking photos, (un)following accounts. Once your device has Internet connection again, Instagram completes every action, in the order it was executed.

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