OnePlus 5 Leaked Sketch Shows Dual Front AND Rear Cameras


If you thought OnePlus 3T was a kickass smartphone, wait until you see OnePlus 5. Leaked sketches showcase a beautiful and performant handset, especially when it comes to the camera module. Get ready to see a powerful device boasting dual front AND rear cameras, this summer #mobilemagic

OnePlus has definitely found its groove. If the first devices debuted pretty mysteriously, shipping only to those with an invitation, the latest ones were actively sought by Android users. In fact, OnePlus 3T was such a hit, that it’s beginning to sell out in some regions while the Midnight Black version is already sold out. So, the company gave up its little game of catch me if you can and it’s now selling in a more traditional manner. That’s probably why the first sketches of its next device, OnePlus 5, have been leaked, although we’re not expecting the phone until July or August.

If you remember, OnePlus One was leaked in a similar manner and the drawn sketch of the design proved to be very reliable. So, these one could paint a pretty accurate image of the OnePlus 5:

oneplus 5 oneplus 5

As you can see in the first image, this OnePlus is going to be equipped with a dual rear camera with dual-LED flash which could come with two 12MP sensors. The module will be surrounded by ceramic, not glass, as the Google Pixel sports. OnePlus probably went with this material for its durability and capability of allowing signals to pass through.

On the right side of the device, we can spot a physical notification slider that puts your phone on silent with a single move.

The second sketch shows the front of the handset, as well as the bottom. That’s how we saw the dual front cameras mentioned in the beginning of the article. That makes OnePlus 5 a very attractive offer. Last month, Alcatel also debuted a dual front&rear camera handset but this smartphone is set to surpass it specs-wise. OnePlus 5 should come with the latest version of Oxygen OS based on Android Nougat, at least 6GB of RAM (!), Snapdragon 835 and offer up to 128GB. 

Another thing we should mention is that this smartphone isn’t giving up its 3.5mm headphone jack, so, rest assured, you won’t have to invest in wireless headphones.

Stay tuned for more information about the OnePlus 5 in the months to come!


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