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Now, You Can Use Your PC Like A Phone, Sending Text Messages From The Desktop


If you haven’t succumbed to the Apple temptation, kudos! You can now use a normal PC as a phone too, texting contact from the desktop screen #softwaremagic

This is only possible with the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview. The latest update comes with an app called “Messaging Everywhere”, that lets you send and read incoming messages from a Windows 10 PC. Of course, in order to make it work you need to enable the feature from a Windows 10 Mobile Preview device, such as Lumia 650 or 950. The idea is to synch all messages and incoming ones on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft is also working on an Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of Skype for Mobile, instead of integrating the app as the original plan said.

When will this be available? The company refused to announce a date, only admiting it will be done “soon”.

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