OBTranslate Is An AI Translation Tool That Can Handle 2000 African Languages

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One of the most promising AI-powered platform to launch in recent times, OBTranslate, is now live.

Powered by AI, this translation platform is capable of translating 2000 African languages in dialect.

Starting in 2017 as a messaging app that could allow the real-time translation of 26 African languages, OBTranslate could not find its footing as a chat app, so it evolved into what it currently is.
“We decided to embark on building our own computer-assisted translation and machine learning platform and this gave birth to OBTranslate,” said Emmanuel Gabriel of OpenBinacle, its creators.
He added that “we created OBTranslate with an innovative business model to guarantee that the tool is sustainable to pay everyone whose translations are very accurate.

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In the next five years, we hope to acquire thousands or millions of users to take up translation tasks on OBTranslate.”
If they succeed, they could eliminate the language barriers that prevent a large swathe of the African population from accessing global markets. According to OBTranslate’s creator, up to 63 of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa encounters this barrier.

As of now, OBTranslate is seeking African translators to help solve around 59 trillion tasks and earn some cash.

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