Logitech SteamVR Stylus for Enterprises Draws in the Air

Logitech SteamVR Stylus for Enterprises Draws in the Air

Logitech just presented a stylus created for art and design in Steam VR called the VR Ink ‘Pilot Edition’.

The device was designed to work with SteamVR tech, so it works just like a typical SteamVR controller, only it has the genuine precision that can only be achieved with finger control.


The VR stylus has a pressure-sensitive tip which is perfect for drawing on a physical surface, while it also performs very well when drawing in the air.

Additionally, the VR Ink Pilot Edition features buttons, grip controls, as well as a 2D touch strip that allows manipulation of objects in VR. The stylus can go without being charged for about two and a half hours.

At the moment, the device only works with devices such as Vive, Vive Pro, and Valve Index.


The product mostly targets enterprises that are using VR for digital design in their workflow. Logitech plans to bring the product by the next year to their chosen business partners.

For now, the VR Ink stylus can only draw the interest of enterprises who are considering integrating apps with the VR Ink stylus.

In a teaser, the stylus is illustrated as being used mainly for 3D CAD work, even though the company has explicitly said they are hoping more use cases can be found for it by industry partners, app developers, professional designers.

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