The Missing Titanic Submarine Selling $250K Rides Used a $30 Logitech Gamepad As A Wheel

titan submarine logitech controller arstechnica screencap

What kind of ride can you have for $250,000? Horrible jokes aside, the submarine that went missing near the Titanic wreck curiously used a Logitech gamepad for a steering wheel.

The Titan submarine used a $30 Logitech F710 wireless PC game controller from 2010 and ArsTechnica’s screencap from above captures everything wrong with the picture.

It’s an interesting choice, considering a trip to view the Titanic wreck that cost as much as $250,000.

Needless to say, the Logitech controller in question is out of stock and the memes quite dark.

The Twitter below, linking to an Amazon link for the Logitech F710 wireless PC game controller, gathered more than 1 million views.

@Bolverk15’s reply sums it up.

Still, things might not become as dark. Author and podcaster David Pogue, who went on a Titan expedition last year, noted on Twitter that his submarine was also lost for a while – and that the crew has 96 hours of oxygen on board and multiple ways to reach the surface.

The BBC also reported a few hours ago that search and rescue teams heard banging noises around the area where the Titan submarine went missing, so there is still hope.

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