Stem Cell & Rejuvenation Technology Event So Crowded, Police Was Called In to Disperse Crowds

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Stem cell research is no doubt one of the most popular research fields in healthcare, with many hoping that “rejuvenation” technology will soon be here to expand our natural life.

One such rejuvenation technology conference featuring the mysterious Altos Labs startup got so overcrowded, the police had to disperse the attendants.

Last Friday, those who went to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for a talk from an Altos Labs representative were soon sent away from the doors by police officers, who reported to the scene after the room got overcrowded.

The speaker was the famous Spanish scientist Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, who works for the famous and mysterious start-up Altos Labs doing pioneer work on what they call rejuvenation technology.

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Belmonte is working to reverse aging through a process called “cellular reprogramming” and his results have seen billions poured into the research.

As MIT Technology Review reports, Belmonte claimed in 2016 that, with the use of cellular reprogramming proteins, sick mice lived 30% longer. Their write-up includes a very nice overview on rejuvenation technology so, if you have a few minutes, give it a read to find out how science could stop us from aging. 

In short, Altos Labs, the company Belmonte works for, has received $3 billion in startup funds, with Jeff Bezos named as an investor.

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