Amazon Echo Show 5 Is Perfect for Your Bedside Table
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Amazon Echo Show 5 Is Perfect for Your Bedside Table

Image source: Amazon

Say hi to Amazon’s Echo Show 5 , your new bedside table buddy! The compact device resembles Google’s Nest Hub, with curved and rounded edges and a soft fabric-covered back.

Even better, the Echo Show 5 features a camera with a physical shutter for a sense of privacy.

Why did Amazon name the device Echo Show 5 even though it’s their third iteration? Apparently, the inspiration was the size of its display, which is 5.5-inch. The screen’s brightness can be adjusted from the ambient lighting mode so it fits its surroundings.

Additionally, the company announced a couple of new features destined for Alexa smart displays. Users will have the possibility to access how-to videos from wikiHow, and play with a new alarm called “Alexa Sunrise”, which imitates daylight’s arrival by gradually brightening the screen.

Alexa compatibility with the Arlo baby camera is also in the cards, so you can check on your baby by simply saying “Alexa, show me the nursery camera”.

Amazon has another ace in the sleeve, a surprising, brand new privacy feature for all Alexa-enabled devices. If until now, you had to manually delete Alexa voice history, now you can just say “Alexa, delete everything I said today” and the history for the respective day is gone. More about the feature here.

Another important feature coming up is the Privacy Hub from where you will be able to change privacy settings for all your different Echo devices.

An Echo 5 unit can be bought for $89.99, in either black (“Charcoal”) or white (“Sandstone”) and there is an optional $19.99 magnetic stand if you’d like to tilt the device’s viewing angles.

The Echo Show 5 will start shipping to the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia in June, but can be pre-ordered now. For India, the device will become available in July.

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