US Justice Department Is Going After Google with Antitrust Probe

US Justice Department Is Going After Google with Antitrust Probe


Google has faced many investigations in Europe and, in some spectacular cases, has found itself fined millions of dollars for its data-processing techniques. Or should we say billions?

Now, the US is preparing to go after Google as well, with the Washington Post reporting of a US Justice Department antitrust probe.

According to them and other sources, including Reuters, the U.S. Justice Department will investigate Alphabet Inc, Google’s mother company, to find out if it broke antitrust law.
One of TripAdvisor’s co-founders, Stephen Kaufer, released a statement supporting the US action, saying that “TripAdvisor remains concerned about Google’s practices in the United States, the EU and throughout the world.
He also added that “for the good of consumers and competition on the internet, we welcome any renewed interest by U.S. regulators into Google’s anti-competitive behavior.”

This comes after a host of major tech companies and even high-profile politicians like the Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren all called for investigating Google and even breaking apart its monopoly over online advertising and other services.
However, according to Reuters, this alleged investigation into Google could may very well be another move from the current U.S. administration.

“The potential investigation represents the latest attack on a tech company by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, who has accused social media companies and Google of suppressing conservative voices on their platforms online. “

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