Alexa Deletes Everything You Say With A Simple Voice Command

Alexa Deletes Everything You Say With A Simple Voice Command


Amazon just came up with a new voice command feature that allows its digital assistant Alexa to delete all previous commands.

Therefore, the minute you command “Alexa, delete everything I said today”, all the commands you gave it before will automatically be deleted.

Amazon Echo devices had the ability to delete past recordings through the Alexa app, but the new voice command option makes everything easier and more user-friendly.

As we know, the company always stated that it does not record customer conversations besides direct commands to Alexa and that it values data protection, so all records are kept on encrypted servers.

Even so, Echo, like other smart speakers, has been a subject of concern among users. The concern revolves around the fact that that an internet-connected smart speaker using built-in microphones or cameras could have access (and leak) private conversations. Not to mention, it can be exposed to hackers.

The new voice feature can be viewed as an attempt to increase users’ authority in terms of their privacy.

The voice control feature can be found on the Alexa privacy hub. This offers controls for information shared with or by Echo devices, allowing microphones and cameras to be switched off.

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