Olympus Releases Teaser For Upcoming Mirrorless Camera Body
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Olympus Releases Teaser For Upcoming Mirrorless Camera Body


Olympus hasn’t made a lot of noise in the past few months but that was probably because they were getting ready to walk into 2019 with a few surprises.

The first surprise the company has in store for us is a new camera. While they’re being tight-lipped about it at the moment, Olympus did release a video teaser that gave us a look at how the camera might look like when it comes out.


The camera does not look very different from the OM-D E-M1, it seems pretty sturdy and in the teaser we can see a lot of sports photography going on, which might be hinting that the camera will be a professional, weather proof model.

If that proves to be true, we have to keep in mind that the last O-MD E-M1 Mark II had up to 18fps shooting with continuous autofocus and exposure mode, so, if this next camera will be faster than that, it will pretty much dominate the market when it comes to sports photography.

Olympus has been working on this model for about 2 years now so we can expect it to blow our minds when it will finally be released.

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