OnePlus Z or Google Pixel 4a: What Should You Choose?

OnePlus Z or Google Pixel 4a: What Should You Choose?

Last we heard, Google Pixel 4a should be announced next month but might become available in October! Until then, OnePlus might get the upper hand with their mid-ranger, OnePlus Z, also coming in July, and debuting some great specs!


First of all, it might not even be called OnePlus Z, but OnePlus Nord, a name OnePlus even trademarked so they could use it for more smart gadgets in the future. It’s said to come with the Snapdragon 765, the best choice for phones on a budget, which Pixel 4a might skip this time, opting for the 730 chip and thus, ignoring 5G.

Looking at the cameras… Google is not gonna stray from the single rear camera for Pixel 4a. They’re still putting all their bets on their unbeatable camera software. OnePlus, though, is said to consider triple cameras for the Z! 

Some leaks pointed to an in-display fingerprint sensor unlike Pixel’s rear one. This kind of shows an extra effort, you know, to keep superior tech in budget phones. If it’s confirmed, it could mean an OLED screen, too.  

Can OnePlus Z be a game-changer? Can it redefine mid-rangers, making them not just affordable but cool, attractive? 

As much as we like the idea of Pixel 4a, a $400 phone with amazing imaging software and extremely reliable, OnePlus Z might win a lot of Android users over with this device.

Find out more about the OnePlus Z screen, battery and price in the video above!

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