ORA-X Headphones Feature Projection Display For AR Experience

ORA-X headphones

Google Glass was perceived as no more than a curiosity, distracting but fleeting. The AR glasses did not catch people’s attention for various reasons, including the extra effort needed to accommodate them in a daily routine. But what if you were to embed the augmented reality technology in a product customers can already relate to? ORA-X seems to be that sort of device – a pair of slick headphones that double as AR gear #objectmagic #realitymagic


As headphones, they’re the noise-cancelling type with 50 mm drivers for full, rich bass. You can listen to music from the built-in memory, via wireless or from mobile phone. But this is just a small part of everything ORA-X claims to do. Optinvent, the team behind the crowdfunded project, explained that this pair of headphones has a touchpad, voice recognition and retractable see-through projection display.

In other words, you have everything at your disposal to enjoy a full, immersive augmented reality experience. The display can project YouTube videos, news, notifications, and messages or it can launch apps and send texts thanks to the voice command feature. The touchpad and 9 axis position sensor are great tools for a gaming session you can see happening on the display.

A 5MB camera with autofocus and 1080p HD video recording capability means you can also capture stills or footage on the go.

Tired of games, movies and news? Simply put the arm up-and-away from your field of view. Oh, and did we tell you can arrange the display on your left or right side?

If this gadget sounds like a great gift idea for this holiday season, check it out on its Indiegogo page. Price: $399.

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