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The Panasonic AK-SHB810 Is the World’s First “Organic Sensor” Camera

panasonic AK-SHB810 8k organic sensor

Panasonic is really bringing the heat to Sony, the sensor market leader, with the unveiling of the AK-SHB810. This is the first camera to use the “organic sensor,” another Panasonic premiere.

Unlike single-layer traditional CMOS sensor, Panasonic’s 8K organic sensor has two layers, one with a high-speed noise cancellation circuit and one with an organic photoconductive film.

According to Panasonic, this means that it will have a wider dynamic range than regular CMOS sensors, and Photorumors went in depth to explain what that means for professional photographers.

“With each structure completely independent, both photoelectric conversion and charge accumulation are efficiently compatible. First, in the photoelectric conversion part, the area of the light receiving part is enlarged, realizing a wide dynamic range corresponding to the contrast difference. For example, even at the stadium, shooting at 8K high resolution will be possible even for scenes with a large difference in brightness, such as a strong sunlight field and an audience seating shade,” explained the editor.

In the comparison picture provided by Panasonic in the press release, you can see the way this camera handles skew distortion.


However, the Panasonic AK-SHB810 still doesn’t a full specs sheet. Those details, along with pricing, will probably be available later this month, when the camera debuts at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition.

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