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Panasonic Announces First Full-Mirrorless Cameras at Photokina 2018

Panasonic debuted at Photokina 2018 two new cameras that also mark a premiere for the company. The Panasonic Lumix S series is comprised of the first Panasonic full-frame mirrorless cameras which, according to the company, are “dedicated to the professionals.”

Seeing how both the Lumix S cameras have image stabilization in both lenses and the camera body, with a durable shutter with over 200k cycles and 100% weather sealed construction, that seems to be the case.

Panasonic itself has been shy to reveal too many numbers, saying that the electronic viewfinder will have such a high resolution and precision that it will actually come “close to human vision.”

The only concrete numbers we know is that the Lumix S1 R full-frame mirrorless camera features 47 MP, while the Lumix S1 offers 24 MP, both of them with a new 35mm full-frame image sensor and 4K video recording. Both of them will be out this spring, so at least we won’t have to wait long for further details. What’s awesome is the fact that they’ll be compatible with L-Mounts and will support lenses from Leica, Sigma and, of course, Panasonic itself.

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