Pandora Launches Personalized In-App Voice Assistant
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Pandora Launches Personalized In-App Voice Assistant


On-demand music streaming service Pandora has recently announced its own in-app voice assistant that you can summon just by saying “Hey Pandora” and follow that with a request for music or podcasts.

The feature enables you to ask for any specific artist, album, radio or playlist. It can also tune in to your mood in a way, if you ask it for commands that relate to either how you’re feeling or the activity you’re going for.

You’ll get personalized results if you ask things like “play something new”, “play relaxation music”, “play party music” and so on.

The voice assistant was built from the ground up and, apparently, Pandora can catch on to the user’s preferences and give them responses that should, in theory, be more in tune with their musical tastes. For example, if you ask it to play “workout music” it won’t start playing Lady Gaga if you’ve been rocking out to, say, Black Sabbath, for a long time.

The voice assistant, dubbed simply Voice Mode, is currently being rolled out to Pandora users as of today, but the roll out will be slow: some users might wait weeks or even months to get it.

While the company has done a lot of testing, Voice Mode will continue to learn as it interacts with the users and by the time it will reach everyone, it will already come loaded with experience.

The feature will be available for both free and paying users with the only difference being that the free users will have to deal with an ad product video they will have to watch in order to gain temporary access to the feature.

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