Paramount Plus and Showtime Merged Together In Service Called “Paramount Plus and Showtime”

The naming is a bit uninspired and the news not entirely surprising but, for fans of the Yellowjackets TV show, this is an important announcement.

The streaming app Paramount Plus and the Showtime channel were officially merged together into a streaming channel called “Paramount Plus with Showtime”.

The news comes straight from CEO Bob Pakish, who announced the rebranding to employees in an internal memo.

As is the case with most mergers, rebrandings and other shuffles (see HBO Max), some Showtime shows will be affected.

Fortunately, Yellowjackets Season 2 seems to be on track, as fans are basically frothing at the mouth in anticipation to see what happens in this Lost-like adventure.

Shows like 1923, the Yellowstone spinoff, and Halo, could be carried over, but others quietly got the ax.

According to Deadline, the Let the Right One In season 2 of the moody series could be canceled, as well as American Gigolo and Three Women, which was produced but never aired.

As for how things will look from now on finance-wise, so far Paramount did not mention how much Paramount Plus with Showtime will cost.You can see the current subscription prices for Paramount Plus, which also features a bundle with Showtime, in our guide to the Paramount Plus streaming app (and if it’s worth subscribing to it.)

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Paramount Plus and Showtime Merged Together In Service Called “Paramount Plus and Showtime”
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