Part Finder Tool From Amazon Tracks Down The Odd Nuts and Bolts You Might Need

Part Finder Tool From Amazon Tracks Down the Odd Nuts and Bolts You Might Need

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For all you DIY-ers out there who have to go to the hardware store for every screw, washer or fastener you need and find out they don’t have the odd bit you were looking for, Amazon’s got you covered.

The company launched ‘Part Finder’ on mobile. The feature allows you to point your camera at the item and Amazon will scan it, measure it and then swiftly direct you to the items that match from their product catalog.

To get this feature, all you’ll have to do is click the camera icon on the app’s home screen.

From there on, you will be sent to the scanner tool and after you press the ‘See more’ button, you will find the Part Finder tool hidden in the menu.  In order to use it, you place the object on a white surface, next to a penny. You will be given instructions on how to tilt the phone in order for it to measure the part. It’s a bit of a hassle but you’ll get there, as you will be given step by step instructions.

Obviously, a simple screw is easier to identify, but when you gave to find something you don’t know anything about, the feature will definitely come in handy. The feature can identify over 100 types of parts and it was built by Partpic, a company Amazon acquired in 2016.

At the moment, the app is available to all iPhone users.

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