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Petal Search, Huawei’s Way Of Avoiding US Restrictions


We all know about the US Government’s trade ban on Huawei, preventing the organization from doing business with American companies. Well, Huawei has found a way around that, so its users can access banned apps like Amazon, Snapchat,, or AccuWeather.

Current restrictions posed on Huawei place the company on the Entity List, barring US firms from supplying Huawei with any products, including software. This means Google Suite apps like Search, Maps, YouTube, Play Store, Drive, and Gmail can not be installed on a Huawei phone.

Petal Search was launched back in June, and it’s Huawei’s method of giving users what the US Government banned. Not only will Petal Search get you closer to your favorite apps that you normally can’t access, but it can also act as a replacement for Google Search. The app now allows you to download banned apps as well.

If Huawei kind of has this side sorted out, it still looks like it will face major issues in producing cutting edge technology for future devices. The US restrictions forbid many of Huawei’s component suppliers for tablets to sell to the company.

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