This App Helps You Download Cool, Royalty-Free Images At No Charge

Pixabay app

We’ve all been there – starting a digital adventure with a blog. Before you turn it into a profitable business, you see no point in buying a subscription at a photo agency. Yet, you’re left with almost no options that can make the site look good. Unless… a community like Pixabay comes along.

These guys are willing to give you user-donated copyright and royalty free images at no cost and no attribution needed. Yes, this thing exists and Pixabay is now launching a mobile app #mobilemagic

The project, introduced on Kickstarter, will allow you to access and download hi-res, relevant images fast. Then, you can view them in slideshow format, share and like or even chat with other users and authors.

Why the funding? Well, the development stage requires expertise and the community wants to keep the site ad free (which is terrific in my opinion). 

The app will release in October this year, if all goes according to plan.

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