Pixel 3XL Passes Every DisplayMate Test With Flying Colors


Well-known rating organization DisplayMate gave the Google Pixel 3XL an A+ rating  in all categories, making it the third smartphone in their history to do so, with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 9 being the previous two.

The smartphone even got awarded the “Best Smartphone Display” award, in addition to that A+ grade. This comes after the Pixel 2 XL sported some well-known display issues, with colors that were a bit off and blue color casting at off-angles.

It looks like Google took note of that, because none of those issues are present in the 3 XL, with the phone even sporting multiple color modes alongside a boosted saturation mode as the default. Even when in natural mode, the colors are very accurate.

The Pixel 3XL hits 424 nits in brightness, which is not not a lot (the Note 9 for example hits a 700+ nits peak brightness), but what it lacks in nits it makes up in screen reflectance, with 4.3%, which is, apparently, the lowest DisplayMate has ever measured on a smartphone.

“The Pixel 3 XL has a Record Low Screen Reflectance of 4.3 percent, the lowest that we have ever measured for a Smartphone,” the DisplayMate review reads. “As a result of its high Brightness and low Reflectance, the Pixel 3 XL has a Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light that ranges from 94 to 101, among the highest that we have measured for the Calibrated sRGB/Rec.709 and DCI-P3 Color Gamuts.”

So far, it seems like the Pixel 3 XL can hold its own in front of serious competition like Samsung, who is well-known for its high-quality OLED screens, so if you were still debating whether the Google Pixel 3XL is worth it, now you have one more thing in favor of you buying it.

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