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Play Chess With 7Bot, A Robotic Arm That Thinks and Learns

Sketching robots is children’s play; creating them requires years of study, experiments and coding knowledge. If you have neither, a startup from Shenzen, China, has devised a robotic arm with computer vision and state of the art AI for just  $350.

“A miniature of IRB 2400” as they describe it, 7Bot can sort through your socks, do math, paint and even play chess whenever you’re missing the game.

The 6-axis desktop robot arm is made from aluminum with high torque metal digital servos (with force-control supported) to power it up at a convenient price. You can teach it from scratch how to acomplish different tasks by holding his hand, like a child’s, or by using leapmotion/kinect sensor to follow your movements in real time.

With just a USB camera and their sample computer vision code, 7Bot can be quite the comrade, seeing and thinking like a human. You can also extend its functions with different accessories. A Vacuum Cup Gripper will help you make 7Bot pick up objects lighter than 1kg, with smooth surface. A second robotic arm will help you create a dual robot, that can solve the Rubik cube faster than you:

After turning into pure success on Kickstarter, the project has been rapidly advancing. Shipping started this January.

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