Samsung Indonesia Breaks the Internet With Galaxy S7 Leak

Yesterday, the Internet broke when a presumed catastrophic leak from Samsung Indonesia threatened to expose the latest smartphone from the company, days before Mobile World Congress. Rest assured, guys: it was a calculated move to display Galaxy S7 Edge’ main features, not the device in all its glory.

The official video posted on YouTube features a Galaxy S6 edge+, not the upcoming flagship phone, as many sites wrote at the time. Because the clip is tagged #TheNextGalaxy (cunning move, right?), many were led to believe this was a slip up from Samsung’s part, when, in fact, the purpose of the clip is to suggest water resistance and wireless charging.

Indeed, it seems that the Galaxy S7 Edge can handle a storm and get its juice from a charging pad, just like the GS6. Another possible upgrade concerns the camera. The clip points to clearer images in low-light conditions.

As for the device itself, don’t worry: you will see it after February 21st, not a day sooner 😉

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