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High-tech Stamps Offer UV Protection and Body Mapping with Real-World Data

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photo credits: MC10

As we veer towards “healthy eating, healthy living”, medical consults get replaced with smart updates from wearables that keep track of our physiological activity on a daily basis and give relevant advice concerning our general health. It’s certainly more convenient than a doctor’s appointment if you can take the smart gadget everywhere. If not, an american company has developed intelligent patches that attach directly to the skin.

According to a recent study by Accuray Research, the healthy wearables market will grow by 18 percent in the next five years and reach $33.4 billion by 2020. This means there’s plenty of room for developments and improvements and MC10’s high-tech stamps are part of them.

My UV Patch and BioStampRC were two novelties revealed at CES, in Las Vegas. The first one is the size of a postage stamp and it’s meant to be worn before going to the beach. Once applied, it measures skin tone and changes color under UV rays, keeping track of how much you’re affected by sun exposure. The user can scan the patch with a special built app to see when he should stop sunbathing.

BioStampRC is a patch meant to help scientists understand better how the human body works. Like the UV patch, it’s small and once attached, measures heart rate, movements and other health metrics with the goal of offering scientific data without outside interference. “We have a vision of mapping the entire human body with real-world data, ” explains Isaiah Kacyvenski, the company’s global head of business development.



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